Now more than ever, we are asked to think about our cultures and predicaments through a bevy of disciplines and lenses. The Creative Forum accepts the challenge. Our mission is simple: to bring together the creative arts and scholarship in closer dialogue with one another to help us better understand the worlds we inherit, and inspire us to create new ones. We do this fully conscious of our mediatic and computational moment. We do this together, in belonging to and for one another. We do this out of a need to repair masked as a choice to create. To our ends, we organize encounters, run programs and foster collaborative projects. Welcome. We hope you join us.

Up next...

We host a wide array of public events and speakers, bringing together writers, artists, public activists, scholars and more. Here are some of our upcoming encounters. To see a full list of our past and future events, visit our encounters page.

Get involved

We welcome all faculty, graduate researchers, undergraduate students and staff at Yale interested in the intersection of the creative arts and scholarship. Our doors are open to all collaborative, experimental, mobilized, public and digital humanities praxis. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.